Live Coral and Invertebrates Wholesaler


How to order wholesale coral from Panorama?

  1. Send us a formal request for our company details, including contact information and relevant coral import information.
  2. Upon receiving your details or inquiry we will provide you with our terms and conditions and a price list.
  3. Select the desired items from the stock list and send us your order, specifying the quantity and any additional requirements.
  4. We will prepare an invoice simulation based on your order and send it to you for verification.
  5. Once you have verified the invoice, proceed with the payment Once initiated, please notify us to facilitate the process.
  6. Upon receiving the payment and notification, we will promptly book the space for your order on the nearest available arrival date

Additional documentations needed

Before sending our corals, both hard and soft corals, we are required to initiate the application process for CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) on your behalf. While certain countries may not necessitate CITES for soft corals, it is mandatory for us to comply with the export customs regulations in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Payment methods

We only receive payments exclusively via transfer through our bank account stated in our invoice.

Compensation upon D.O.A

Customers satisfaction is our highest priority, tus we are prepared to give credits back or replacement on D.O.A above 5% from the order.

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